Alexander Gustafsson Calls Jon Jones a Cheater Heading into UFC 232

Photo Credit: GETTY

Photo Credit: GETTY

Alexander Gustafsson was directly asked during the UFC 232 news conference if he believes Jon Jones to be a drug cheat following Jones’ abnormal test result from earlier this month. His response, "Yes, I do. I think it's bad for the sport, it's bad for the organization, and it's not good for anyone to have these conversations before a fight."

Jones (22-1-1NC) recently tested positive for the same steroid metabolite that resulted in a 15-month suspension from back in July of 2017. Although the NSAC refused to licence Jones to compete, the CSAC (along with USADA) grated him a licence to fight “The Mauler”. The entire UFC 232 event was then relocated from Las Vegas, Nevada to Las Angeles, California just six days prior to the show.

“Bones” hopes to put this situation behind him and continue his already legendary MMA career, saying: “After beating Gustafsson, I'm going back to be back on the track I've always been, which is being one of the greatest of all time. I know that in my heart, no matter who believes me or not.”


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