Daniel Cormier Relinquishes UFC Light Heavyweight Championship

Photo Credit: Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

Photo Credit: Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

Daniel Cormier has decided to relinquish the UFC light heavyweight title, according to an exclusive statement that DC wrote to ESPN. The statement reads: “Today I am going to relinquish the UFC light heavyweight title. I am not going to be stripped of the belt that I've defended with my all for three and a half years. Being stripped of a title suggests you've done something wrong, and I haven't.”

The plan was for the UFC to “strip” Cormier of the LHW belt the moment that Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson is underway this Saturday at UFC 232. DC says that he’d rather make the decision himself, rather than being forced by the organization.

"I'd rather walk away this way, with my head held high as it always has been, than have the history books say I was stripped. I've defended this title this year. I was approached with the idea of fighting at heavyweight, so I took it. I fought three times in 2018. No champion has been more active than me. I am the fighter of the year. My story and my legacy will not include me being stripped of a title. They can have it."

Cormier (22-1-1NC) will continue to be the reigning UFC heavyweight champion, and it’s expected that he’ll defend that title next in early 2019 against current WWE Universal champion Brock Lesnar.

Source: http://www.espn.com/mma/story/_/id/25633875/daniel-cormier-relinquish-ufc-light-heavyweight-title

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